Automate + Optimize Your Ad Performance with A.I.

SAVE TIME with one-stop ad management and optimization for Meta
IMPROVE RESULTS with AI-powered ad performance optimization
LEARN MORE with centralized analytics and cross-platform KPI tracking
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When it comes to performance, the first thing that comes to mind is ROUX! I would be doing a disservice to the clients I work with if I didn’t make an intro to ROUX.
Leader in CPG Division

Over $100M in ad spend managed already

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FinTech Company

User-Base Growth of 3,635% Leading to 20M in Series A Funding

From 2X to 6X with Major Thematic Learnings

Home Goods Brand
Food & Beverage Brand

3X Business Valuation Increase in 2 Years

From Zero to 4M ARR

Bend Soap
Health & Beauty Brand
Cameras & Optics Brand

Driving 30M With 6.4X Attributable ROAS

8X Attributable ROAS Whle Scaling Ad Spend 4X

Gooseberry Intimates
Underwear & Swimwear Brand

ROUX A.I. Empowers Brands to Automate + Optimize Ad Performance

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Daily Performance Overview

Using real-time intelligence and campaign-performance analytics, ROUX can auto-optimize any of your ad campaigns and automatically scale your advertising spend. That means less manual optimization and more growth, all while generating some of the industry's best results.

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Goal-based campaign management

Select an automation strategy that fits your goals (based on Shopify sales, ROAS, Cost Per Click, and more), then let ROUX build your ad account and scale your advertising with some of the greatest dollar-for-dollar ROAS in the industry. 

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AI & Machine Learning

ROUX leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, driven by mass iterative micro-targeting and ever-evolving predictive algorithms, to optimize ad spend in real time—allocating funds to the most profitable audiences and creative.

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Creative Asset Management

Our advanced DAM system allows brands to create, edit, and approve all creative elements. Our algorithm-based creative scoring tool then uses KPI tracking and advanced analytics to score each piece of creative, providing data points to iterate future creative and campaigns.

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Centralized Business Intelligence

With access to centralized analytics from across your tech stack, and advanced cross-platform tracking, you can gain valuable insight into how each platform actually works—and performs—together. This enables better decision-making, leading to faster, more profitable growth.

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Transform Your Paid Marketing ROI

Discover the secret weapon that's been transforming ad ROI for some of today's leading DTC brands.

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