Over $100M in Ad Spend Managed Already

ROUX was created by the same team that runs Monkedia, an award-winning, full-service agency that helps businesses grow by utilizing the same A.I. marketing tech stack that powers ROUX.

In fact, over $100M in advertising dollars has already been managed on the ROUX platform. Combine that with a team that's been featured in Entrepreneur 360 and hit #67 on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list — you can rest assured that ROUX is already a proven A.I. leader in the marketplace.

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Automate + Optimize Your Ad Performance With A.I.

Real Results for Real Businesses

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FinTech Company

User-Base Growth of 3,635% Leading to 20M in Series A Funding

From 2X to 6X with Major Thematic Learnings

Home Goods Brand
Food & Beverage Brand

3X Business Valuation Increase in 2 Years

From Zero to 4M ARR

Bend Soap
Health & Beauty Brand
Cameras & Optics Brand

Driving 30M With 6.4X Attributable ROAS

8X Attributable ROAS Whle Scaling Ad Spend 4X

Gooseberry Intimates
Underwear & Swimwear Brand
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ROUX A.I. Has Powered the Advertising for Some of Today's Biggest Brands